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Networking On The Seas – A Full Ship


Networking on the Seas has a waiting list.

What a fantastic way to spend a summer evening.  Networking and fun.  PESID  is a private networking group owned by Annette Fisher, as part of Golden Maturity Inc. PESID was developed by Annette to bring together people to develop resources for seniors, while having fun.  PESID stands for People Empowering Seniors Independence and Dignity.

In just a couple of days guests of PESID,  BNI Morning Money Makers and Sunrise Senior Living in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY will cruise around Manhattan on-board the Atlantis Yacht.

Networking  On The Seas is all about developing resources for seniors.  In attendance will be various professions, such as lawyers, doctors, reverse mortgage specialist, chiropractors, physical therapists, assisted living companies, home care agencies, just to name a few.

It is definitely the must go to event of the summer.

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