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I recently attended a wonderful event, cosponsored by Sunrise
Senior Living
, Nancy Waldman, Director of Community Relations Sunrise Senior Living of
Mill Basin and SUN-
, Senior Umbrella Network of Brooklyn, Chaired by Miss Vicki Ellner. We enjoyed the
company of friends, colleagues, Sunrise residents, while being serenaded by a violinist, and
greeted by Miss Rita Cosby.  All of this took place in the lovely Sunrise Senior Living
residence.  Wow, what a wonderful place to retire in. Of the many facilities I have visited, I
can honestly say this one is top notch.  At this assisted living residence you feel like you
are on vacation.  The residence is situated on the waters edge in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, the
dining room is immaculate and looks better dressed than a fine restaurant.

Journalist Rita
Cosby was all too happy to share her new book with us, 
Quiet Hero Secrets from My Father's Past
.  The book shares the experience
hidden behind the glaze in her father's eyes.

Many of us have members in our own
families, who have never shared the extremely painful things they have experienced in their
lives.  Don't let time fade away before getting the chance to thank our family
members and friends for the freedom we have.  As Rita says "Freedom is not

Ten percent of Rita's book proceeds go to Operation
Enduring Care. Click here to learn more about the program to help injured

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o.k. I just have to share another photo. This guy was just posing for me.
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Sunrise Senior Living is just like a resort, the beauty is you can live there year round.

Many times the stress of taking care of a family member can become overwhelming.  There are services available to help with the challenge of taking care of our senior parents.  After a while no matter how much we may love our parents, the daily responsibility of taking care of a parent in need can really use up onesenergy.  Many folks are taking care of a parent and at the same time taking care of theirown family and household.  I just received a newsletter, Senior Connection, from Sunrise Senior Living.  In the newsletter therewas an article titled Take a Break with short term stays, summer is ending soon.

Balancing life’s priorities is not easy. Summer is ending soon and you deserve a break before fall and holiday activities pick up. Our Short-term Respite Stays are a perfect option for families needing temporary assistance with the care of a senior loved one. To read more on this article click here Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living is such a beautiful place and they also have many beautiful location on the waterfront.

When I get the opportunity to stop by one of the Sunrise Assisted Living locations, I have to say I feel like I’m at a resort.  The staff is always so friendly, you seriously do not want to leave.  The dining rooms at Sunrise Senior Living are like fine dining rooms.

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