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Coney Island Soap Box Derby

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Coney Island Soap Box Derby Winners


Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Speed Award Winners

  • 1st place CI Prep Public Charter School
  • 2nd Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries
  • 3rd CI Youth Alive


Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Best Design Award Winners

  • 1st Girl Scouts
  • 2nd John Liu
  • 3rd DA Hynes


Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Leadership Award Winners

  • 1st Circus
  • 2nd CAB Unit 1PP
  • 3rd Senator Diane Savino

See photos of the actual event below.

Saturday September 8, 2012, Noon to about 6 P.M.

coney island soap box derby preparation and car inspection 8554Coney Island Soap Box Derby 8551

If you have never seen the Coney Island Soap Box Derby you really don’t want to miss it. About 300 children are expected to participate. If you have previously participated or cheered the participants on, you know what a fabulous show the Coney Island Soap Box Derby is.
Pamela Harris, Executive Director of CIGG, Coney Island Generation Gap started the Coney Island Soap Box Derby several years ago, to create comradery and fellowship in the community. Pam is doing a fantastic job bringing this all together. You know you don’t want to miss this years Coney Island Soap Box Derby.

Pam has the support of many of the area businesses, NYPD, and many local government officials. Admission to view and cheer participants of the Coney Island Soap Box Derby is free.

Every entrant in the Coney Island Soap Box Derby walks away a winner. Winners are also chosen from three categories.

Coney Island Soap Box Derby Winners

  • Best Speed
  • Best Design
  • Comradery & Fellowship

The Coney Island Soap Box Derby is being held at Kaiser Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn NY, between W24th Street and W32nd Street, and also runs from Neptune Avenue to Bayview Avenue.


Enjoy these photo taken on September 8, 2012 at the Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Brooklyn NY.



Contributed by Annette Fisher

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FREE RX – Prescription Discount Card

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Free RX – Prescription Discount Drug Cards can save you money.  Many people do not
have prescription drug coverage.  Whatever the reason it does not matter.  What
matters is that the prescription discount card below is free and it may be of use to you. 
You can print out this page or for a clearer copy you can download the pdf. 
Download Web

My wish is for this card to be of help to you.

If you would like to
reprint this sheet and pass it out as a Reprint Compliments of your company or personal name I
have made a sheet for you to do so.  If you need any help with setting up a reprint sheet,
just give me a call directly, at 347-291-7479  Here’s the reprint compliments of sheet,
Download Reprint
compliments of rx

Be well
Annette Fisher

Golden Maturity, Inc.


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ICE – In Case of Emergency

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ICE in your wallet may SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Have you ever known someone who
passed out, was in a car accident, a fire, or any type of disaster.

Most of us unfortunately
have known someone who has experience and emergency situation where emergency medical
information kept in their wallet could have aided in their recovery or even saved their life. 
The point is wouldn’t you want your family to be safe?

In addition to having
ICE in your wallet, you should have an ICE contact in your cell

The samples listed below highlight our sponsors who have made
distribution of these ICE – In Case of Emergency Cards possible.

10 ice web promotion gm 1 

10 ice web promotion gm 2

10 ice web promotion gm 3

download an ICE – In Case of Emergency Card use this link.  Just click on

Download Golden Maturity – ICE – In Case of Emergency

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A house full of stuff getting you overwhelmed?

I constantly come across seniors who have collected things throughout their lifetime. Sometimes
this collecting becomes a hazard, since many years of collecting takes up space. Often seniors
may find they can no long maneuver about since the collecting after awhile may cover every inch
of the floor.

Not only is collecting to this extent unhealthy it can cause many other difficulties. If a person is
trying to sell or refinance their home appearance is very important, if you want top dollar. With a
FHA reverse mortgages, I have had several underwriters refuse to clear the loan to close,
because of an overwhelming amount of clutter. Clutter can be a fire or health hazard, amongst
many other things.

I have been speaking with What is a senior move manager?
Katie Hustead, Owner of Paper Moon Moves

Here is what Katie has to say……….

"If you or a senior you love need to downsize and move, don’t stress about doing it alone. A
new industry, senior move management, has emerged to fill in when seniors or their caregivers
need help with the tedious process of dismantling a home and moving.

Most of us start with a floor plan of the new home and help the senior decide which of their things
will fit comfortably. Then we help them sell, donate, recycle or ship gifts to family and friends. And
we can manage the move

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Obama and seniors and health care, oh my!

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Feeding Tubes In Nursing Homes: Benefit or Abuse

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I attended a wonderful event last Thursday. At the event we watched a short film titled Beautiful
Hills of Brooklyn, followed by a discussion. This terrific event was put together by Vickie Ellner,
Chair/President, Senior Umbrella Network of Brooklyn (SUN-B), and her Board Members. The meeting was
cohosted by Sephardic Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, and the accommodations were
outstanding. SUN-B is a 501c3, not for profit group consisting of "Professionals Making a
Difference for Seniors in Our Community".
I am proud to say this is my 5th year as a member of SUN-B. This is a great organization. The
resources this group gives me are unbelievable. When a client is in need, I can just say let me get
so and so on the line, he or she specializes in that area. Our seniors are thrilled at the resources
this makes available to them.

The film depicted an elderly woman named Jessie who lost her sister, Min and is living a lonely
existence. She scrimps by on social security and at one point her check is lost. She manages to
get by until it is replaced. In addition she loses her best friend and sister, Min. Jessie is a strong
women and manages to go on. Her apartment is vandalized and she feels she must move due to
her fear for her safety. The film truly captures the essence of the life of our average senior, and
the life of many of our clients. It will surely bring a tear to your eyes as it did mine.

For more on this wonderful film that brought tears to my eyes go to

Event photos were taken compliments of
Annette Fisher
Senior Advocate
Reverse Mortgage Guru
Family First Reverse
Direct Dial 718-968-5242

Annette is also, Publisher of Golden Maturity Senior Advisor – The Key to Enhancing Senior Life –

If you have an article you are interested in submitting to please email

flickr link

Be well and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday


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Recently I have sponsored my friend Howard Newman of Jokesercise, to perform at many
of the NY senior centers. Howard is a wonderful comedian and his jokes and exercise program
has seniors rolling with laughter. They say laughter is the best medicine, and I agree.

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Understanding your options is important. Seniors should consult with an Elder Law
Attorney to protect the assets they may have spent a lifetime aquiring. Find out how to protect
your assets against liens for long term care. Knowledge is power.

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