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Hi folks,

Tonight at 6:30 Attorney Robert Howe will be discussing how reverse mortgages work, and some of the intricacies of reverse mortgages.

Hospital Infections may be declining with some infections while a large increase is occuring
with others.  Just a few months back I was having a conversation with a couple of
colleagues.  We were discussing a new infection that is rapidly spreading, called
Clostridium difficile aka C-diff.  It is passed through wounds, intravenous lines, and other
means.  If you are taking antibiots and you come in contact with it you may be more
suseptable since the antibiots kill good and bad bacteria at the same time.  Thanks to
colleages, Caryn Isaacs, Patient Advocate, and Ann Hanna, I was made aware of this.
After ending up in the hospital myself this weekend I was horrified to find out that the women
sharing the room with me had C-diff.  I immediately asked for a discharge since I could
continue the medications at home.  They were allowing this patient to walk the
halls.  C-diff is spread by touching things, thus leaving bacteria that others can pick
up.  When I quickly left my room to let them know I wanted to be discharged, I had turned
to notice a sign outside my shared room that read, caution etc.  point being something in
my room was contagious and I was told I was not.  Once you get what you need in the
hospital get out as fast as you can.  I actually had nurses and assistants that were not
changing their gloves between patients, and who were not sanitizing their hands between glove
changes.  It was a breeding ground for germs.  OK some are saying maybe
I’m getting paranoid, however if you don’t control your own destiny to some degree you
may loose control.  I also do not think patients should wait in a doctors office to be
seen.  I bring my own pen for sign in and let them know my tel # so they can let me know
when to come in from my car, parked in the area.  I also carry hand sanitizer with
me.  Think about how many people go to the doctor because they are sick.  I
certainly do not need anything I do not already have.  Touch nothing.  When using
the rest room remember to turn the water on and off with paper towels.  Use a paper
towel to open the door, if hand use is at all necessary.  This is seriously deadly
stuff.  I hope this will keep you out of germs way.  I’m still trying to get the
real low down on whether people with C-diff can be admitted to nursing homes and or assisted
living vacilities.  It seems to me they would need a seperate building or everyone will end
up infected.

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Reverse mortgages have traditionally been used by people 62 and over
to access cash from the equity they may have in their primary residence.  A reverse
mortgage for purchase usually works best when a senior is looking to downsize.  When
using a reverse mortgage for purchase, a substantial down payment is required.  No monthly mortgage payments are
required.  The benefit of using a reverse mortgage to purchase in NY is there is no
mortgage tax.  Although some may feel closing costs on a reverse mortgage are high the
benefit of never having to make a monthly mortgage payment is a benefit that probably outweighs
the costs in many instances.  Even with a
reverse mortgage purchase product you do not have to have income to qualify, and it does not
matter what your credit score is.  If you are looking to downsize, a reverse mortgage for
purchase, might leave you with additional liquid funds you might not otherwise have had access
to. This product is just one of the reverse mortgage programs approved by, FHA, Federal
Housing Administration, and is government insured.  Give Annette Fisher a call at 1-800-
380-4623 ext. 888 and she will send you a free, no obligation report on reverse

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The current lending limit for a reverse mortgage is the lower of $625,500 or
the appraised value. This is part of the stimulus package which has been approved
through December 31, 2009. There has been some talk as to what the lending limit will be for
next year, however no guidelines have been set. For more info you can go to

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