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Networking On The Seas Brooklyn NY  is Collaborative event put together by Sunrise Senior Living in Sheepshead Bay, BRESRE Realty Inc., Fort Funding Corp., and Fox Rehabilitation

This is is the Second annual Event bringing together folks who serve the senior community.  Networking On The Seas takes place on board the Atlantis Yacht out of Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.  The guest list is definitely a who’s who in the world of those who serve seniors, with a stand by waiting list.  Many of the members attending are also part of the PESID, People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity, a private Networking Group founded by Annette Fisher, President of Golden Maturity.

The guest list consists of  Elder Care and Estate Planning  Attorneys. Litigation Attorneys, Medicaid Long Term Care Providers, Home Care Agencies, Senior Living, Financial Planners, Real Estate, Physical Therapy and more.

Tomorrow we will get to hear from some of them and what might be on their minds as Senior Advocates.

networking on the seas

Networking on the Seas has a waiting list.

What a fantastic way to spend a summer evening.  Networking and fun.  PESID  is a private networking group owned by Annette Fisher, as part of Golden Maturity Inc. PESID was developed by Annette to bring together people to develop resources for seniors, while having fun.  PESID stands for People Empowering Seniors Independence and Dignity.

In just a couple of days guests of PESID,  BNI Morning Money Makers and Sunrise Senior Living in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY will cruise around Manhattan on-board the Atlantis Yacht.

Networking  On The Seas is all about developing resources for seniors.  In attendance will be various professions, such as lawyers, doctors, reverse mortgage specialist, chiropractors, physical therapists, assisted living companies, home care agencies, just to name a few.

It is definitely the must go to event of the summer.


PESID Networking On The Seas

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PESID Networking On The Seas is scheduled for Wednesday August 7, 2013

This will be a fabulous event and the event is being Co-sponsored by PESID, BNI Morning Money Makers and Sunrise Senior Living at Sheepshead Bay.  There will be around 300 folks attending; more than 50 % of those professionals who are attending are people who serve seniors in some capacity.

PESID, stands for People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity.

PESID is a private  networking organization owned and operated by Golden Maturity Inc., a Brooklyn based marketing company focused on helping companies with their senior marketing needs. The purpose of PESID is to bring together like minded people to develop resources for seniors and have fun doing it. Basic membership is free, and as of this time there are over 325 members. Over 90 % of the members of PESID work with seniors, the other 10% of our members are mostly retired people or people looking for ways to help the seniors in their family.  PESID started back in March of 2010 to hold monthly meetings in Brooklyn NY.  Now meetings are held monthly in Brooklyn.For the last year or so, PESID Nassau meetings have been held in the Rockville Center area.

PESID is planning on holding monthly meetings on Staten Island, and just last week the Espanade Senior Residences located on Richmond Avenue just minutes from the Verazano Bridge Hosted our first Staten Island meeting.

We are planning our next Staten Island meeting for September and it will be hosted once again at the Esplanade Luxry Senior Residences.  The Esplanade is more like a modern hotel.  The rooms are fabulous.  The bathrooms had ceramic, and other fancy tile work.  The place was immaculate.  The dinning room has wonderful lighting and is situated just off a very large outdoor deck.  Shopping is also in walking distance, for those who want a little exercise.  For more details on The Esplanade Luxury Senior Residences you can contact Patrice Ficco at 718-698-9000.  I have to say considering the level of luxury they are providing to their clients the price is very affordable.

Please spread the word about PESID, People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity.

Annette Fisher, CSA

Certified Senior Advisor

PESID Founder



Because people who join PESID are not vetted you need to either do your own research on them or contact people who regularly participate in the meetings to see what they might know about anyone you might choose to work with.


PESID Brooklyn Spring Fling

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PESID Brooklyn Spring Fling is taking place on April 10, 2012. PESID, People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity is a networking resource group. It is designed to bring together both retired folks and professionals who serve the senior community. This allows seniors to meet people who work in the senior community in an open environment, where they can freely gather information. I founded the group just over two years ago. Membership to PESID is currently free. You can sign up at

The Brooklyn PESID meeting is usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

The NYC PESID meeting is usually the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Nassau PESID is currently in the planning stage and will be announced very shortly.

Many PESID meetings are sponsored in some capacity, allowing for appetizers, etc.

PESID was established because I felt there was a void in bringing seniors and professionals serving seniors together in the same environment.

Remember membership to PESID is free.  If you do not live or work in an area where PESID meetings are held, please do not let that stop you from joining PESID.  As people join PESID and indicate their geographic area, it establishes how much interest in PESID there is for that area.  This information will allow me to figure out if a PESID meeting is ready to be established in your area.

It’s easy to join, just go to

Be well

Annette Fisher, CSA

Certified Senior Advisor

PESID Founder


DA Show NY

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DA Show NY was performing in the Rockaways and I was able to film a clip to show you, two guys, Richie Triolo and Gerry Dunne, performing.

I enjoyed watching them and I think you will, as well.

Enjoy Annette Fisher

Also don’t forget to check out my PESID .com site. PESID stands for People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity.
We meet monthly in Brooklyn NY and membership is free. Sometimes we have events with entertainment and or Appetizers etc. Many times the events are free since the sponsors make that possible.

PESID is an organization I founded in March of 2010.  We are about to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of PESID.  Membership to PESID is free.  You just go online to Once you sign up you will receive an email so you can verify your email address.  Click the link and it should take you to PESID.  If you do not see the PESID website just type in your browser menu bar  Now you will need to join the PESID group by clicking join us.  Once you join PESID you will need to also register for a PESID event if you want to attend.

Many PESID events are free.

I hope you check out PESID as the purpose is to make resources available to seniors and their families, in a relaxed setting.

From time to time you will find educational programs provided at PESID meetings.

The main reason for PESID members to join is because they truly want to empower seniors.

Be well

Annette Fisher, CSA

Certified Senior Advisor

PESID Founder

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