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PESID is an organization I founded in March of 2010.  We are about to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of PESID.  Membership to PESID is free.  You just go online to Once you sign up you will receive an email so you can verify your email address.  Click the link and it should take you to PESID.  If you do not see the PESID website just type in your browser menu bar  Now you will need to join the PESID group by clicking join us.  Once you join PESID you will need to also register for a PESID event if you want to attend.

Many PESID events are free.

I hope you check out PESID as the purpose is to make resources available to seniors and their families, in a relaxed setting.

From time to time you will find educational programs provided at PESID meetings.

The main reason for PESID members to join is because they truly want to empower seniors.

Be well

Annette Fisher, CSA

Certified Senior Advisor

PESID Founder

105 Senior Centers in NYC are being threatened with closing, due to the proposed title xx cuts.

What can you do to try to stop the senior centers from closing? Last night the PESID, People Empowering Senior Independence, group met. We had representatives at the meeting from Council Member Domenic M. Recchia Jr. Office, along with representatives from Assembly Member Peter Abbate Jr. and Assembly Member Alec Brook-Krasny. All of these elected officials had there thoughts represented, and wish to let us know they want to help and they do not favor the title xx, cuts forcing 105 Senior Centers to Close.

1. Send out the letter attached and please make sure to fill in all the spaces.

letter to elected officials no to title xx cuts no to closing 105 NYC senior centers


2. Look at the attached lists for senior centers that are closing. These list are broken down, according to either a Senator, Assembly Member, or Council Member who’s district has a center that is closing.

List by NYS Senate

Check this link to see who your representative is for each senior center.

List by NYS Assembly

Check this link to see who your representative is for each senior center.

List by NYC Council Members

3. Send the letter to each Elected Official for your area or any additional letters you feel you would like your voice heard in. Just make sure to send the letters to the Elected Officials in your area, as well.

list of addresses for elected officials with senior centers closing in their district

I would love it if someone has a  list of Council Members with addresses they could send me.


4. Everyone who is concerned should also send the letter to Governor Cuomo.

You may also contact the Governor’s office by phone (518) 474-8390 or mail:

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Budget cuts
This past Thursday I attended a conference called
by Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis, and Senator Marty Golden, at the Bay Ridge
Community Center, regarding cut backs that could end up going into effect on April 1, 2011.
Also in attendence was Bobby Sackman, Director of Public Policy for the
Council of Senior Centers and Services.  The budget cuts
proposed by Govenor Andrew Cuomo would move 25 million dollars in funds, in title 20 of NY
State Budget from Senior Centers to Child Welfare.  Thus pitting Children against
Seniors.  The result if these NY State budget cuts go into effect, would mean the closing
of 110 Senior Centers State wide and of those 33 % would be in the NYC area.  This is
an outrage.  These monies have been allocated to title 20 for nearly 30 years. 
These are not a part of the budget listed as an entitlement and therefore they are not
guaranteed.  According to Senator Golden "if we loose these funds it would be
highly unlikely for us to ever gain them back."  This is extremely critical to the
quality of life our seniors have.  The senior population is about to explode over the next
couple of decades.  We should be adding senior centers and programs, not shutting
them down.

Executive Director JoAnn Mason of the Senior Center, said last year they wrote 300 of the
17,000 letters received to stop the senior center cuts.  Executive Director Mason now
pledges 600 letters from the member of the Center.  How many letters will you pledge to
make happen?????????

Please take action and send letters immediately to your elected officials, saying no to the title
20 cuts for senior centers.  Please post a link to this info and spread the word before it is
too late.

Thank you

Annette Fisher

Certified Senior Advisor

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