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Coney Island Soap Box Derby

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Coney Island Soap Box Derby Winners


Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Speed Award Winners

  • 1st place CI Prep Public Charter School
  • 2nd Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries
  • 3rd CI Youth Alive


Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Best Design Award Winners

  • 1st Girl Scouts
  • 2nd John Liu
  • 3rd DA Hynes


Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Leadership Award Winners

  • 1st Circus
  • 2nd CAB Unit 1PP
  • 3rd Senator Diane Savino

See photos of the actual event below.

Saturday September 8, 2012, Noon to about 6 P.M.

coney island soap box derby preparation and car inspection 8554Coney Island Soap Box Derby 8551

If you have never seen the Coney Island Soap Box Derby you really don’t want to miss it. About 300 children are expected to participate. If you have previously participated or cheered the participants on, you know what a fabulous show the Coney Island Soap Box Derby is.
Pamela Harris, Executive Director of CIGG, Coney Island Generation Gap started the Coney Island Soap Box Derby several years ago, to create comradery and fellowship in the community. Pam is doing a fantastic job bringing this all together. You know you don’t want to miss this years Coney Island Soap Box Derby.

Pam has the support of many of the area businesses, NYPD, and many local government officials. Admission to view and cheer participants of the Coney Island Soap Box Derby is free.

Every entrant in the Coney Island Soap Box Derby walks away a winner. Winners are also chosen from three categories.

Coney Island Soap Box Derby Winners

  • Best Speed
  • Best Design
  • Comradery & Fellowship

The Coney Island Soap Box Derby is being held at Kaiser Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn NY, between W24th Street and W32nd Street, and also runs from Neptune Avenue to Bayview Avenue.


Enjoy these photo taken on September 8, 2012 at the Coney Island Soap Box Derby, Brooklyn NY.



Contributed by Annette Fisher

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PESID is an organization I founded in March of 2010.  We are about to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of PESID.  Membership to PESID is free.  You just go online to Once you sign up you will receive an email so you can verify your email address.  Click the link and it should take you to PESID.  If you do not see the PESID website just type in your browser menu bar  Now you will need to join the PESID group by clicking join us.  Once you join PESID you will need to also register for a PESID event if you want to attend.

Many PESID events are free.

I hope you check out PESID as the purpose is to make resources available to seniors and their families, in a relaxed setting.

From time to time you will find educational programs provided at PESID meetings.

The main reason for PESID members to join is because they truly want to empower seniors.

Be well

Annette Fisher, CSA

Certified Senior Advisor

PESID Founder

On April 1, the new budget will go into effect.  Millions of dollars in funds will be cut from Title 20 of the NY budget.  Title 20 monies are partially used to fund NY Senior Centers.  According to Senator Golden, these monies have been allocated as part of the budget for decades.  He also said “if these funds are cut it will be extremely difficult to get them back.”

These funds that are scheduled to be cut on April 1, 2011 will potentially cause 105 NY Seniors Centers to Close.

Check the list for the Senior Center in your neighborhood that might potentially close.

The PESID, People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity, group will be meeting tomorrow in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  I’m the Founder of the PESID group, and we are urging folks to come out and discuss these cuts that will certainly be catastrophic.  Senior Centers are a vital resource for many of our seniors.  Senior Centers provide meals, counseling, socialization and so much more.  These cuts will effect more than 10,000 seniors in our city.

If you would like to join us tomorrow and let your voice be heard just RSVP at this link.  If you are not a member you will need to sign up for your free membership and then RSVP.  PESID, People Empowering Senior Independence & Dignity.


You can also find additional info regarding the potential closing of 105 senior centers at this specific links,

DFTA, Department for the aging

Brooklyn Eagle

105 Senior Centers Slated To Close

See the pdfs attached with the list of centers and the elected official for that district.  There are 3 lists, Senators, Council Members, Assembly Members, indicating the elected officials for each of the centers.




For several years I have had a slow thyroid. I have often wondered what causes this. I have been taking synthroid to help the situation. I just happened to have a couple of minutes when I decided to do a search on community recipes. Far from a search on thyroid issues. There was an advertisement on the page asking a similar question to the one above. It was an entire article about how most of us lack iodine and this is why we have so many folks with a slow thyroid. Iodine is a mineral that is hard to get from food supplements. I’m attaching a link for the article, I’m sure you will find it just as interesting. The article was written by Andrew Jones, MD
Senior Medical Advisor, Women’s Health Institute of Texas

Be well my friends

I recently attended a wonderful event, cosponsored by Sunrise
Senior Living
, Nancy Waldman, Director of Community Relations Sunrise Senior Living of
Mill Basin and SUN-
, Senior Umbrella Network of Brooklyn, Chaired by Miss Vicki Ellner. We enjoyed the
company of friends, colleagues, Sunrise residents, while being serenaded by a violinist, and
greeted by Miss Rita Cosby.  All of this took place in the lovely Sunrise Senior Living
residence.  Wow, what a wonderful place to retire in. Of the many facilities I have visited, I
can honestly say this one is top notch.  At this assisted living residence you feel like you
are on vacation.  The residence is situated on the waters edge in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, the
dining room is immaculate and looks better dressed than a fine restaurant.

Journalist Rita
Cosby was all too happy to share her new book with us, 
Quiet Hero Secrets from My Father's Past
.  The book shares the experience
hidden behind the glaze in her father's eyes.

Many of us have members in our own
families, who have never shared the extremely painful things they have experienced in their
lives.  Don't let time fade away before getting the chance to thank our family
members and friends for the freedom we have.  As Rita says "Freedom is not

Ten percent of Rita's book proceeds go to Operation
Enduring Care. Click here to learn more about the program to help injured

Are you prepared if there is an emergency?  We sometimes take for granted the
things around us.

We need to be prepared if a disaster strikes.  Within the next
30 days you will be able to download an ICE, In Case of Emergency card by coming back to Golden Maturity,
   ICE in your wallet may save your life.  In addition you can find
lots of helpful information with this link, just click here.

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