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ICE – In Case of Emergency


ICE in your wallet may SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Have you ever known someone who
passed out, was in a car accident, a fire, or any type of disaster.

Most of us unfortunately
have known someone who has experience and emergency situation where emergency medical
information kept in their wallet could have aided in their recovery or even saved their life. 
The point is wouldn’t you want your family to be safe?

In addition to having
ICE in your wallet, you should have an ICE contact in your cell

The samples listed below highlight our sponsors who have made
distribution of these ICE – In Case of Emergency Cards possible.

10 ice web promotion gm 1 

10 ice web promotion gm 2

10 ice web promotion gm 3

download an ICE – In Case of Emergency Card use this link.  Just click on

Download Golden Maturity – ICE – In Case of Emergency

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